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On August 18, 2011 the Lin-ay was brought to the new City Hall, although construction was still ongoing on many parts of the edifice. The dome however was ready for the Lin-ay. The only major problem facing her installation was the absence of a crane whose arm could reach 
the top of the dome since many of the equipment of FF Cruz and Co. were already transferred to Cebu City.

The pedestal, which could be separated from the main body of the Lin-ay, was installed first. And thus when the pedestal was ready for her the 
Lin-ay was then transported to the front of the edifice. When the Lin-ay arrived at the site, a number of people who were all eager to see her up close, basically employes of the City Hall and FF Cruz and Co., began scrutinizing her and gave their approval of her, and even had souvenir pictures taken with her.

She was then hoisted by a crane to the topmost posrtion of the new building, and there she slept overnight while waiting for her installation the next day. Of course, even at this point in time, the Engineers were still actually figuring out how to bring her up to the top of the dome without the help of a crane...