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Title:             Toyland..."but where are the
                       kites, Papa?"
Medium:       Mixed Media on Plywood
Size:             2 x 1.75 m.
Year:            1999
Collection:  Iloilo National High School 
                     for the Arts, Iloilo City.
Title:              Window
Medium:        Mixed Media on Plywood
Size:              2 x 1.75 m.
Year:             1997
Collection:    Iloilo National High School 
                       for the Arts, Iloilo City.
Title:Requiem for a Landscape
Medium:  Mixed Media on Plywood
Size:113 x 115 cm.
Collection of the Artist.
Title:              Sa Baba Sang Bakunawa
                       (At the Serpent's Mouth)
Medium:        Mixed Media on Handmade Paper
Size:              102 x 110 cm.
Year:              1992
Collection:     Iloilo National High School
                        for the Arts, Iloilo City.

     The works exhibited here are some of the most important and substantial paintings I have done in my career, to which I have given utmost thought, concentration and care.

     "Toyland..." is a painting which confronts the present-day reality, and the global problem of violence, negative values, and gore in the commercial toys presently being dished out to children.

     "Window", though presented in abstraction, concerns
emphatic thoughts on the hastening destrucion of the environment.

      "Requiem..." is  a statement on the rapid turnover of Philippine landscapes to commercial endeavors and enterprises, while 

      "At the Serpent's..." was a personal reaction to the senseless onslaught on Philippine forests by illegal loggers which led to some of the most  devastating floods in the country in this century.

Gallery 1
Gallery 1