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Ang Lin-ay Sang Iloilo 
      Work on the main figure of the Lin-ay started even before the pedestal was fully completed. It consisted of the roughing out of the main figure from the voluminous styrofor material.  Electric as well as manual sculptural tools were used. The carving out of the main figure based on my concept, designs and illustrations, as well as the main study submitted to Mayor Mabilog for approval was the main responsibility of the two major sculptors of the team--Joe Amora and Harry Mark Gonzales. They were aided by several workers of the Foundry company. 
After the main figure was carved out of the material,  it was then refined with the application of plaster of paris and polished with polishing materials and instruments.
The procedures enumerated here may be gleaned at the photographs shown in this gallery.
...making the design on the styrofor...
the Lin-ay slowly coming out of the styrofor.....
....Joe outlining the design and Mat (right) cutting out the design.