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Ang Lin-ay Sang Iloilo 
      I really planned the pedestal to be somewhat traditional in concept and imagery since I thought that that was the best way that I could incorporate into the whole statue the four major assets of the City and Province of Iloilo, namely, rice farming, sugar cane farming, fishing, and education. And what better way to do it than to to carve them in relief on the four sides of the pedestal. I provided Joe Amora the main concept and design for them, and later he  incorporated his own  designs and  details after I approved them. As demanded by foundry standard procedures we had to separate the pedestal from the main sculpture.  That would make the casting into bronze so much easier.
We started working on the pedestal first since it was the easier part and we were still finding our way around in bronze sculpting techniques since this was practically new to all of us. But it actually did not take us that long to finish the pedestal design and somewhere in the middle some of our team already started working on the main sculpture, the Lin-ay.
...and finishing...
...making the design on the pedestal....
....applying plaster of paris...
....carving the design...
...the four sides of the finished model of the pedestal:
Front of the Lin-ay:
Rice Farming Industry
Right Side of the Lin-ay:
Rice Farming Industry
Left Side of the Lin-ay:
Sugar Cane Farming Industry
Back of the Lin-ay: