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When the Lin-ay was being assembled, cleaned and polished we took
the time to go back home, rest, relax and reorient ourselves with our respective abodes.
The Foundry called me up when the Lin-ay was finally ready for our viewing, scrutiny and inspection. This was some time in July 2011.  Quickly, we rode the Trans-Asia boat back to the Foundry in Liloan, Cebu.
What we found actually surprised us no end, as we did not expect the Lin-ay to turn out that beautiful, impressive, and awesome.
When we first saw it it was already there standing on her pedestal right in the middle of the Foundry. To me she appeared like a gigantic angel who came down from heaven, all wrapped in gold. 
I found nothing wrong with it and so we then finalized the signatures and literatures that were to be written on it.
We then concluded our business with the Foundry, went home and waited for it to be delivered to Iloilo City.
Although I wanted the Lin-ay to be brought to Iloilo City immediately, there actually was no need to hurry since the new Iloilo City Hall was still being finished and the dome was being renovated to accomodate 
the Lin-ay.

Below are photos when we finally met the completed
Lin-ay Sang |Iloilo.
Franz Herbich and the Lin-ay...
Ed and the Lin-ay...
Franz, Joe, Ed, Harry Mark and the Lin-ay...