ed defensor
Two ladies who played an important role in the artistic development of the artist, Chancellor Dionisia A. Rola (2nd from R) and Prof. Dea V. Doromal (R) cut the ceremonial ribbon. L is Prof. Vinnie Tan, chairman of the Chancellor's Committee for Culture & the Arts, and the man responsible for creating the Ed Defensor Wing. 
The Ed Defensor Wing was created by the University's Chancellor's Committee for Culture & the Arts as an extension of the university's increasing art collection and as a way of honoring it's resident artist who have contributed so much to the development of culture & the arts in the university. It was created in 2010 but in the 2020's when the whole main campus in Iloilo City was worked upon to bring it back to it's original state, and the main building transformed into a Center for Culture & the Arts, the Wing was dissolved and was later recreated in what is presently known as "The Ed Defensor Gallery". 
L-R: Prof. Vinnie Tan, the artist, Chancellor Dionisia A. Rola, Prof. Dea V. Doromal, Chancellor Minda Formacion.