Art Trek 2014 was a six-year old project of the Philippine Embassy in Singapore. It was a noble project since it provided Filipino artists a chance to exhibit in Singapore. In this project the Philippine Embassy would invite several formal galleries in Singapore to show Filipino artists for a certain period of time.

      For 2014 however the Embassy decided to hold the opening exhibition in the Embassy itself. It was the first time that it did so.

     This time Art Trek 2014, under the supervision of Consul Mersole J. Mellejor and Cultural Attache Weng Sacristia, decided to invite four Visayan artists, namely Pierre Patricio, Dennis Montera, Harry Mark Gonzales, and yours truly for this opening show.

     The opening of the show was conducted by the Embassy like one of its official functions and it invited people in its guest list which included, aside from the Diplomats of foreign countries, art collectors and cultural personalities of Singapore.

      The show was very successful and made the artists very happy for aside from the positive reaction of the audience almost all of the artworks were sold on opening day. 

      The Philippine embassy Singapore is headed by the very amiable and efficient  Ambassador Morales.
Gallery 1
Gallery 1
My World of Art
ed defensor
The Philippine Embassy Singapore

The preparation for the opening......
The arrival of the guests......
The opening ceremony & viewing of the artworks.....
Preparing for the coming of the guests......
The Opening
Three of the Four Exhibitors: L-R: Pierre Patricio, Ed Defensor, Harry Mark Gonzales.
Ambassador Morales giving the welcome remarks.....
Giving the response for the artists.....